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The project of designing www.3dc.com webpage is realized by 3DC Sp. Z o.o. under the European Union Fund.

The project entitled: "Development of a 3D virtual world based on the appearance of European

cities 3DC.com" is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational

Programme Innovative Economy, with the participation of the Polish Agency for Enterprise




3DC Sp. Z o.o.

1/95 WaƄkowicza St.

02-796 Warsaw


Tel.: (+4822) 115-70-54

E-mail: office@3dc.com

Useful links:

www.europa.eu - the official website of the European Union

www.poig.gov.pl - website dedicated to the Operational Program Innovative Economy

www.mir.gov.pl - website address of the Managing Institution

www.mac.gov.pl – website address of the Intermediary Institution

www.parp.gov.pl - website address of the Implementing Institution

www.web.gov.pl - the webpage with information related to the functioning of 8.1 IE OP


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