We want to make sure that using 3dc is a good and safe fun for everyone. To help you take care of your privacy and protect you from the risks posed by other people we have created our own security policy, which we ask you to read / and obey and while using our website.

Please pay particular attention to situations in which someone :

  • Asks about your personal information or intimate details;
  • Offers you money or gifts where as you do not know the person well;
  • Is intimidating, makes ​​sexual suggestions or asks for your personal pictures;
  • Offends you, blackmail you, or makes you feel unsafe ;
  • Asks about your phone number, address, or insists on meeting in real life;
  • Behaves in a suspicious manner and seems to be unreliable;
  • Claims to be a member of 3dc team, or the website owner.

If any of the above circumstances occur, please take a photo or copy a screen shot (press Ctrl + Print Screen and paste it into a file, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Paint), describe the situation that has occurred and then send it  to our help desk ( In this way, we can react quickly and take appropriate action promptly.

If you prefer to take care of your security and privacy personally , please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Never give anyone your personal data or information about yourself, especially your phone number or address;
  • Do not believe everything written by other people, in particular, pay attention to whether a person is behaving in an appropriate manner for her supposed age;
  • Beware of the information you post about yourself in a public chat room and commonly accessible are as of the website. If there is someone you know and you want to give that person your personal contact information, use private messenger;
  • Especially watch out for those who suggest you meet them in real life. If you truly want to meet with this person, bring someone trusted for such a meeting and arrange it in a public place where you are bound to see a lot of people. Never agree to meet in someone's apartment, home or any other place where there will be no people who would help you if needed;
  • Please report any case when someone is behaving suspiciously towards you, makes you feel unsafe, or when you see that someone else may be in this situation. In such a case, gather as much information about the person you can; take a photo / copy a screen shot and send a description of the situation to the help section ( ) . In this way, we will be able to see that person and make every effort to ensure that you and other Users of the Website are protected;
  • Remember that each and every User may be blocked. To do so, just go to the profile of this person or click on her with the right click while in virtual, and choose the option "Lock " or "Add to the black list";
  • Remember that you can always hide your profile data or choose who will be able to see them. To do so, go to your profile  and select the "Privacy Settings" where you can freely choose the visibility options for your personal data and profile information.
  • Do not be afraid to send us reports, no one else will ever know! It’s better to be careful , besides, we will check each entry carefully and no one will ever be removed without reason.

If we all comply with these guidelines, the use of 3dc will be great fun and our community truly unique !


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