What are "cookies"?

"Cookies " are small text files that monitor the activity of the user who is currently online. Cookies significantly facilitate the use of and help to move around the site because they recognize the user’s individual settings and adapt them to the user’s individual preferences. " Cookies" contain the name of the website, the time of their storage and an individual number. We recommend not to turn them off, as this may cause malfunction of the website or prevent access to some of our features .

What kind of "cookies" do we use and what are they for?

Session "cookies "–enable to remember the choices made by the user, help in various situations, such as when you log on. They remain on your device until you log off or close your browser.
Permanent "cookies " – these are the files that will be stored on the user's device until they expire or to the point when the user decides to remove them.
Necessary "cookies " – allow the use of our features, e.g. for authentication.
Files "cookies" that enable security – can help , for example, in the detection of fraud in the service.
Performance "cookies " – the files that collect information on how the user uses the site's pages .
Functional "cookies " - files that remember your settings on the site associated with the language , your region , etc.
Advertising "cookies " - enable delivery of advertising content according to the user’s preferences.

Removal of "cookies"            

Practically every available browser has the function to block and delete "cookies." More information on this matter can be obtained from the web browser settings, or by using the following links :

Internet Explorer -

Firfox -

Chrome -

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