Business Cooperation / Business Offer:

We have prepared a lot ofopportunities for cooperation for our business partners:


We offer a wide range of services prepared especially for companies that wish to make their offerbe visible on the Internetin a particular and innovative way.Cooperation with us will allow you to:

  • Organize interactive promotional campaign aiming at an accurately selected target group (9 -24 years)


  • Placement of promotional materials on marketing media in the virtual world, such as billboards, television, buildings, cars, and many others,


  • Sponsorship of competitions, games, charts, and other functionalities of our website,


  • Introduction of branded products into virtual stores.

Advertising Agencies:

We offer a variety of promotional tools that can be used in the following marketing campaigns:

  • Staticgraphical ads–commercial advertising on billboards and posters inside the game,


  • Dynamic ads-video ads on virtual TV sandscreens inside the Game,


  • Product placement,


  • Branding products,


  • Branding locations,


  • Special Avatars used for the campaign,


  • Organization of virtual events,


  • Advertising banners on the Website,


  • Mailings services to Users,

and many others.


3dc virtual world can be a great place to promote urban and cultural events organized in its cities.

We offer:

  • Creation of virtual representations of the cities that have not been introduced into the 3dc world yet,


  • Creation of additional facilities and locations in the cities that are already in the 3dc world,

  • Development of interactive tourist guides and brochures,

  • Use of 3dc to communicate with the citizens,

  • Assistance regarding the promotion of cities and events.

We invite you to collaboration under very attractive terms!

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