Frequently asked questions

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Does it cost anything?

Using a 3dc is free of charge and anyone can join at any time.

What is 3dc ?

3dc is a virtual world where you can meet up with your friends as well as meet new people. You can spend time on developing your character, gaining a progressively higher level of experience , developing the profession of your choice, which will allow you to unlock new locations with lots of things to do and discover. 3dc gives you the possibility of furnishing your own apartment in the way you like it! One thing is sure you will not be bored here :)

How can you join the 3dc?

You have two optionsto start the game: 1. Register on the homepage and start playing! Also remember to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in your e-mail; you will get extra credits as a bonus. 2. Sign up through Facebook account using the options on the main page 3dc.

Does the game require installation and how long will it take me to start the game after registration?

Our game is a game functioning in the browser and does not require any installation process, just register and you're ready to play!

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