We want to expand our virtual world by:

  • Introduction of new cities,buildings, structures and other graphical elements that improve the quality of the game,


  • Extension of the virtual store in the scope of new clothes, avatars, furniture, gadgets, animations well as new categories of products,


  • Adding new games built into the virtual world and prepared in technology Unity3D, Flash, or other compatible technologies,


  • Adding new functionalities and solutions to our world,


  • Other forms of development that will be technically possibleto implement.

We offer:

  • The share of revenue coming from micropayments and marketing,


  • Flexible forms of cooperation:designing single graphic elements and functionalities, or permanent strategic cooperation over all modules of the virtual world


  • Networking with other developers, sharing knowledge and experience exchanging information,


  • Contact with Polish and foreign developers.

If you are interested in any form of cooperation please contact usfor further information. Do send information about yourself to make the verification of your proposal successful for both parties.

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