About us

A few words about who we are and why we do it.

We are a small team of people who have challenged Facebook and plan to revolutionize the internet :-)

To be serious, once upon a time we just came up with a cool idea and decided that we had to make it happen ! It’s been nearly two years of work behind us, many sleepless nights and strenuous efforts of several people from all around Poland. We hope that the final result is interesting and someone will like it :-)

3dc is the first major project created in the Unity 3D technology in Poland. We were probably among the first designers/ graphic designers/ professionalsin our country, who started implementing this innovative solution in our projects. Gathering from conversations with people from different countries it turns out that this is one of the largest projects of this kind in the world ! So we count on your understanding in case any small imperfections occurred, and we guarantee that we will do our best to continually improve Poland's first 3D virtual world !

Why do we say that it is the first 3D virtual world? We are the first social networking site where you can actually function and move around in the real time and in virtual three-dimensional world. The character/ avatar can really turn around, jump and interact with other users. Our buildings reflect genuine places existing in the world that you will probably recognize at once. Obviously, the entire cities with perfect graphics and withideal representation could not be created for there are not existing computers, or Internet connections, which would be able to process them :-) Being aware of this we created a world that is functional and simply fascinating. This is why we guarantee that all cities have their own distinctive and unique atmosphere that is felt by everyone.

What you may currently find on the website is just a part of what we have prepared for you. Register, tell your friends about 3dc and get ready for many hours of great fun and a lots of new friends. And above all, stay tuned and every day check on the news!

We do not want to spoil the fun and reveal everything now .... BUT, get ready for regular updates and lots of wonderful surprises. We have already prepared a whole bunch of new locations, features , games and other attractions. Next cities will be introduced when there are more of us! Mountains, seas, lakes, cities - along with over 100 locations in 7 cities :-) It's worth waiting for so invite your friends and see you soon in 3dc !

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